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DDC for Kids

DDC for Kids

Dear users,
The library of KV 39 GTC, Varanasi Cantt follows Dewey Decimal Classification(Ed-21). It is the most accepted library classification system all over the world and very user friendly.You can easily understand it by just clicking the linksbelow.There are games and tours. Go on
See the power point presentation to know how the Dewey Decimal Classification for our library works

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Dewey Challenge Game

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Dewey Decimal Classification


The Library of Kendriya Vidyalaya 39 GTC, Varanasi cantt follows the Dewey Decimal Classification (Ed.21)

Dewey Decimal Classification

The Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system uses simple decimal notation to divide recorded knowledge into 10 main classes, 100 divisions and 1,000 sections. DDC 22 Summaries provides a complete list of these groupings. Browsing the summaries is fast and easy way to become familiar with the DDC’s structure.

First Summary

The Ten Main Classes

000 Computer science, information & general works

100 Philosophy & psychology

200 Religion

300 Social sciences

400 Language

500 Science

600 Technology

700 Arts & recreation

800 Literature

900 History & geography

Second Summary

The Hundred Divisions

000 Computer science, knowledge & systems

010 Bibliographies

020 Library & information sciences

030 Encyclopedias & books of facts

040 [Unassigned]

050 Magazines, journals & serials

060 Associations, organizations & museums

070 News media, journalism & publishing

080 Quotations

090 Manuscripts & rare books

100 Philosophy

110 Metaphysics

120 Epistemology

130 Parapsychology & occultism

140 Philosophical schools of thought

150 Psychology

160 Logic

170 Ethics

180 Ancient, medieval & eastern philosophy

190 Modern western philosophy

200 Religion

210 Philosophy & theory of religion

220 The Bible

230 Christianity & Christian theology

240 Christian practice & observance

250 Christian pastoral practice & religious orders

260 Christian organization, social work & worship

270 History of Christianity

280 Christian denominations

290 Other religions

300 Social sciences, sociology & anthropology

310 Statistics

320 Political science

330 Economics

340 Law

350 Public administration & military science

360 Social problems & social services

370 Education

380 Commerce, communications & transportation

390 Customs, etiquette & folklore

400 Language

410 Linguistics

420 English & Old English languages

430 German & related languages

440 French & related languages

450 Italian, Romanian & related languages

460 Spanish & Portuguese languages

470 Latin & Italic languages

480 Classical & modern Greek languages

490 Other languages

500 Science

510 Mathematics

520 Astronomy

530 Physics

540 Chemistry

550 Earth sciences & geology

560 Fossils & prehistoric life

570 Life sciences; biology

580 Plants (Botany)

590 Animals (Zoology)

600 Technology

610 Medicine & health

620 Engineering

630 Agriculture

640 Home & family management

650 Management & public relations

660 Chemical engineering

670 Manufacturing

680 Manufacture for specific uses

690 Building & construction

700 Arts

710 Landscaping & area planning

720 Architecture

730 Sculpture, ceramics & metalwork

740 Drawing & decorative arts

750 Painting

760 Graphic arts

770 Photography & computer art

780 Music

790 Sports, games & entertainment

800 Literature, rhetoric & criticism

810 American literature in English

820 English & Old English literatures

830 German & related literatures

840 French & related literatures

850 Italian, Romanian & related literatures

860 Spanish & Portuguese literatures

870 Latin & Italic literatures

880 Classical & modern Greek literatures

890 Other literatures

900 History

910 Geography & travel

920 Biography & genealogy

930 History of ancient world (to ca. 499)

940 History of Europe

950 History of Asia

960 History of Africa

970 History of North America

980 History of South America

990 History of other areas


Annual Library Activity Plan (2014-’15)

The inclusion of Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan’s New Library Policy (2008) under the Article 137 and 138 of the Education Code indicated an era of change in the once kept off institution, the School Library. The Policy clearly sets up objectives of the library as,
o    The knowledge hub of the school and disseminate knowledge as widely as possible.
o    Facilitate creation of new knowledge.
o    Facilitate optimal use of knowledge by all staff and students.
o    Ensure easy access to the facilities available to all staff and students.
o    Encourage and foster reading habit among staff and students.
o    Effectively participate in the teaching-learning programmes of the school.
In order to achieve these objectives the library will undertake to:-
o    Serve as the center of information for the Vidyalaya and provide easy access to national and global knowledge to all staff and students.
o    Offer an inviting and attractive physical space with proper seating arrangements and other amenities.
o    Ensure that staff and students are treated with courtesy and offered all assistance in their pursuit of knowledge.
o    Offer proactive services to all users.
o    Optimize its potential to provide access to information and knowledge to all by proper display, categorization and classification of resource materials.
o    Help all the users to develop the skills to make optimum use of all the facilities.
o    Undertake activities to foster an interest in books and increase involvement in the library.
o    Improve the collection and services on a continuing basis in consultation with users/stakeholders.
o    Workout a programme in consultation with teachers for the effective use of all types of library materials.
o    To work effectively and efficiently by undertaking every activity in a professional manner.
The above said objectives could be achieved only with the help of a properly planned and well instituted School Library Programme. The Library Media Centre at Kendriya Vidyalaya 39 GTC, Varanasi Cantt. has been putting efforts to live up to the expectations of the teaching and learning community by following a planned library programme. In the academic year 2008-’09, the targets and activities are rearranged to incorporate the new policy guidelines.
Sl. No
Proposed dates
International Children’s Book Day
First week of  April 2013
Exhibition, Book reviews, Discussions
World Book and Copyright Day
23 April 2013
Exhibitions, Literary competitions, Speech in the assembly, etc.
Inauguration of Literary & Reader’s Club
3 May  2013
Beginning of Reader’s Club activities for the session
Reader’s Club activities
Whole academic year
Book  Exhibitions, displays, competitions, Meet the Author, Book discussions
Inauguration of Career Guidance Cell
2 May 2013
In the assembly with an interactive session in the Library
Harry Potter Birthday celebration
25-29 July 2013
HP Quiz, Writing Birthday wishes,  Assembly programmes, HP Book jacket designing competition, Exhibition of HP books, etc.
Hiroshima Day
6-12 Aug. 2013
Remembering the victims, Against War exhibition
Independence Day
13-17 Aug 2013
Exhibition of books on freedom struggle
Book Fairs
02 times in a year (Aug/Sep &  Dec )
By external agencies
Teacher’s Day
03-07 Sept 2013
Exhibition of books on or by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan
Hindi Fortnight
17-29 Sept. 2013
Exhibition of popular Hindi books in the library & competitions
Gandhi Jayanthi
01-05 Oct. 2013
Exhibition of books on or by Mahatma Gandhi and Non violence
U.N. Day
Exhibition of books on United Nations and other International organisations
International School
Library Day (ISLD) & Month
October 2013
Talk by an eminent Personality and other activities “Smart Web Searcher”Competitions, exhibitions, etc.
Children’s Day
Exhibition of books on or byJawaharlal Nehru,  Competitions
National Education Day
09-12 Nov. 2013
Exhibition of books on or by Dr. Abdul Kalam Azad
National Library Week
-Exhibition of rare books in the library                                          -Competitions
1.      Book review
2.      Designing book jackets
3.      Story telling
4.      Book reading
5.      Literary quiz
6.      Designing Bookmarks
7.      Assembly programmes
8.      Find the book
9.      Library cultural programmes, etc
Indira Gandhi’s Birthday
21-24 Nov. 2013
Exhibition of books on Indira Gandhi and other Indian Prime Ministers
Army Flag Day
Exhibition of books on Indian Army and warfare
Republic Day
Exhibition of books on India(Society and constitution)
Martyr’s Day
28-31 January2014
Exhibition of books on or by freedom fighters
Kerala State Reading Week
First week ofJan.2014
Book reading competitions“Drop everything and Read”
Safer Internet Day
4-09 Feb. 2014
Online safety workshops, talks, exhibitions, etc
Information & Media Literacy Programmes
Library Periods
As per the Information Literacy curriculum
Know your Library Programmes
Once in a month
Tour to the library to understand its resources and activities
Screening of VCDs
Once in a month
Screening of Educational and issue based VCDs for children
Workshops and orientation programmes
Once in a year
For other School Librarians
Career Guidance Programmes
Throughout the year
Career corner and display of related materials on the bulletin board
Class Libraries
As per Library Policy
Circulation of Books, Book reviews, library corner, activities, etc.
Online Activities
Regular maintenance of Library Blogs and Social networks
Reader of the Month
One student and One Teacher will be selected every month
A certificate is given in the assembly. Profile with a photograph is published on the library website
Best Reader Awards
For best library users from each class
Distributed on the Annual Day function
Publication of library bulletins, newsletter, etc.
Based on the importance of the activities to be carried out in the library
Digital Library
Creation and maintenance of school digital library system on Greenstone. (Planning and implementation)
Library Projects